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Nicholas Masculino

Fun-loving. SWEET. Adventurous.

In October 2014, Nick noticed a tremor in his right hand he couldn't control. He started losing his vision and became weak on the right side of body. We soon discovered an inoperable tumor located deep in his brain - too deep to safety remove surgically. At the young age of 32, our sweet, happy-go-lucky Nicholas Masculino faced the fight of his life against the most aggressive form of brain cancer, Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) Grade 4.

MRI scans from 7/21/16 on the left, 10/15/14 on the right.

For 2 years, Nick treated and managed life with cancer. He was beating the odds with the tumor shrinking from the size of a golf ball to size of a peanut M&M. He regained his health and strength - it was nothing short of a miracle.

At the beginning of November 2016, Nick found himself in the emergency room again after feeling pain in his lower back and trouble with his nerves. We discovered 3 new tumors in Nick's spinal cord which metastasized from his brain.

Doctors only gave Nick several months to live, but after radiation therapy and starting a new chemo, his tumors shrank and he defied all expectations by continuing to live nearly a full year with spinal metastesis.

At the end of September 2017, after attending getting married to Bryant and their 9th consecutive burn, Nick began feeling symptoms of his spinal tumors again. MRIs showed that his tumors had returned, and we are once again battling for Nick's life and now with fewer options.

We made this site to make it easy for his people to keep up to date on Nick’s life and health, as well as make it easy to help and donate. Nick has touched the lives of many people though his boundless positivity, generosity, and art: his joyous videos have captured love and life, inspiring people around the world. Let’s share our love with him and help him continue to share his love with all of us.

Nick made the following videos in December 2016 and January 2017 to share his status with all his friends, family, and supporters.

In October 2015, the 1 year anniversary of Nick's diagnosis, his friends got together to celebrate and made him this video on that day. Let's help him make more of these for more milestones.